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06 December 2015 @ 02:35 pm
[sticky post] Welcome to 10_JUMP  
Hello everyone and welcome to 10_JUMP
We are Tobikkos whose sole mission is to share our love for our by subbing any video of theirs that catch our attention. And as of now, we are focusing mainly on Itadaki High JUMP episodes.
At first we really didn't have any intention to create this community for JUMP since we already have sakini_pikanchi subbing community for Arashi. However, it so happened that we subbed LittleTokyo Live 2014.11.09 which our first release. We didnt know where to post  it. This meant that we needed to find a niche where we can share our subbed Jump videos freely. And with that, we decided to create this community.

This community was founded by these people:
Half of these founders are on hiatus right now or are focused on maintain SNP. Fortunately, our little family has grown. We have new members! And for them to be formally introduced, we decided to edit our introduction post.

10 jump team:
Hi! Im Akari~ I love Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP. Sho and Inoo is my ichiban. My niban is Nino and Yamada or Yuto lol. Im one of the timer and encoder of this community.
Your average Paana, Tobbiko, Arashian SINCE 2008. An aspiring creative who's a weird, crazy, blur and noisy 24/7 fangirl! My dream, is to work for JE one day. (Old but still enjoys daydreaming..)

She's our first traslator who translated most of our first releases. Her ichiban is Yuto Nakajima. She's also one of our translator at SNP but she's on hiatus now.
Hi I'm Ven! My ambition is to be a professional interpreter/Translator and work at the Tokyo Olympics 2020! So, i decided to help out here! My top 2 in HSJ since debut are Yuto and Yamada!
My favorite member is Takaki Yuya because he is so childish despite being one of the older members. I also love Yamada because of the gap of his idol self and his normal self.
Im a huge fanof Hey! Say! JUMP and Arashi. Hey! Say! JUMP is my ichiban group, next is Arashi! My overall ichiban is Yamada Ryosuke and my niban is either Ninomiya Kazunari or Nakajima Yuto.                                    
Greetings of love and peace! Just joking! Hi everyone! You can call me Iven. I'm a Filipino and Im a full-blown, true-blooded, and die-hard Tobikko and Arashian. My greatest dream, like many of you,is to go to Japan someday and at least, watch their concerts. Who wants to come with me?
Hi! I'm Nana Lala. I'm a student and I love JE Talents especially HSJ. My ichiban is Inoo Kei. I love pretty boys and that's why I love him.
The crazy girl from Philippines who's crazily in love with Arashi and JUMP, especially with bratty Nino and his autistic kouhai Yuto. Justa 9 hot guys in their twenties and 5 other hot guys in their thirties.
She's a NEWS fan and also love Hey! Say! JUMP. She's one of our timer.
She loves Nino's witty personality and Sho's laughter. Pretty much interested with older Johnnys but she definitely took the bait of Arashi's 9 cute little Kouhais and her ultimate weakness is Shige from NEWS.

For joining please proceed HERE
Our Mood: happyhappy
chimpanchauchimpanchau on January 8th, 2016 11:33 am (UTC)
Can I make a request? Have you seen their JUMP party videos? Those seem very interesting. I hope it catches your interest and will eventually sub it. :)
PS: I love your videos!! Unlike other subbing sights yours are easy to download and assess. :))
(Deleted comment)